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We are southend-on-sea tree surgeon . There will come a time, for many reasons, when your tree will become too large and in need of tree maintenance services. We use correct pruning techniques, which assists in preventing dieback and disease from infecting the tree. Correct pruning can enhance aesthetics, improve light filtration, reduce size and weight of a tree’s crown and alter the shape. When trimming or pruning, is carried out by a trained professional it will result in as little damage as possible and in some cases the life span of a tree may be prolonged. So give us a call today

Do you need a tree removed in Southend area or maybe you just need some large branches removed. There is no realistic way for an average homeowner to safely remove a large tree from his or her property. You definitely don’t want to attempt this type of job yourself or even worse call someone to do it that’s not properly trained or experienced this could cause serious damage to your tree or even worse your property. You need to make sure you call a trained professional that is experienced. For all tree removal in Southend just give us a call and we’ll provide you a free estimate we’re licensed and insured and we’ll make sure the job gets done right and more importantly we make sure the job gets done safely. We cover most areas in Essex

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